Hotel Salzamt in Hallstatt, Oberösterreich

The Hotel Salzamt – perched on this square from time immemorial
It retains its honorable position for standing on its own, and gets a new important meaning In the future it will welcome guests and represent the new hotel with a new reception, restaurant, wing of suites, and a wellness spa.

In the new building each of the 78 rooms and 4 suites overlook the lake in this graceful, historical surroundings.
In keeping with the long architectural tradition of the Salzkammergut, the building is nestled on the slope but also stands out quite confidently. It stands on stilts, not in the lake but on the slope in and above the treetops.

Requirements – unobtrusive, simple
The mighty mountain hides away the garage, entrances, driveways; the bus stop is protected and covered on the main road with good connections to the hotel and city center.

Circulation – respecting the skills of the region
Tunnels and shafts form the backbone of the circulation of the site. In the old style, they connect the bus stop, garage, Salzamt and the new wing with rooms. The driveway, paths, stairs and mule track blend naturally into the landscape.

Dangers – thoughtfully averted
Successive levels of nets and and ground formed to break the fall of stones is an effective defense against the feared rock erosion. A tightly meshed net of stilts with a retentive function gives additional security. If necessary, the hill will be adjusted at the site of where the stones erode.

Choice of materials - tranditional and state of the art
The Salzamt regains through this subtle renovation again its accustomed grandness. Box windows, natural stone, hardwood floors, solid wood and a tiled stone contribute to this. The extension is an elegant construction, confident and modern with regional materials that proudly demonstrate what we are capable of.

Structural concept – light and airy but not made up out of thin air – observes classical mining traditions
The garage is conventionally built with an elaborate slope stabilization. Tunnels and shafts conceived in the style of traditional mining. The Salzamt will be carefully modified if necessary. Concrete pillars, steel grates, and prefabricated slabs made of wood will be used. The new building with prefabricated building elements ensures a rapid and smooth resurrection of the Salzamt as a hotel.

Hotel building
Hallstatt, Austria
K.Y.A.T.T Hotel & Resorts Group GmbH
Helena Miler, Viviana Schimmenti
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