New school building Langobardenstrasse 139, 1220 Vienna

Competition 3.Prize

Excerpt from the jury’s report

"...The design with the smallest building size of all projects provides a generous open space through its location adjacent to the subway tracks and is a public building bound to the surrounding neighborhood. This cohesive open area with different layers of privacy levels offers a pleasant space to the surroundings..."

The building structure of the school is kept low (ground floor with two upper floors) corresponding to the building category II, building height of 12m and 6m distance to the boundary on the east side. The school building and subway tracks spatially define the schoolyard, which is used as a forecourt, event space and break area.

Ground floor as a meeting point for all students with common areas such as cafeteria, library, administration and special teaching rooms.
Division of the building into elementary and middle schools, subdivision of the levels into independent teaching clusters with exterior spaces (outdoor areas also on the upper floors).
Gymnasium in the basement, but naturally lit and ventilated, easily accessible for external use.

Schoolyard as an event area that allows diverse programmes (arrival, break area, performance space) with terraces and seating on the steps that become bleachers. Sports areas embedded into the overall concept, spectators have an overview from the seating on the steps and cheer for their team (even the little ones have a view). Outdoor classes are also assigned to the clusters on the upper floors and extend the possibilities of the lessons.

School as an experience space with more spatial possibilities than just an aisle through the middle.

School building
Vienna, Austria
WIP Wiener Infrastruktur Projekt GmbH
Stefan Förg, Katharina Penzinger